Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you a misanthrope? Or just a snob?

Beware the self-identified misanthrope. If you are uncertain how to spot these people, here is a field guide:

  • Musical tastes: I loved their first album. Then they sold out.
  • Movie tastes: They don't make anything good. Unless it has subtitles. Except for Lord of the Rings. But I fell in love with Tolkein when I was 3 and first read The Hobbit.
  • Art tastes: Representational art with identifiable objects is for the uninitiated and Monet is for Hallmark cards.
  • Literary tastes: Why do you suppose only the college presses are printing anything worth reading? Nobody else puts out poetry any more.

Point of information: A misanthrope is someone who despises people. Someone who thinks they are better than everyone else is just a snob.


  1. In psychology it's called a character defect (as opposed to a neurosis).

    I is defektif.

  2. I don't think I'm either. What's behind door number 3?

  3. @ Steve: Snort!

    @ Rick: You're behind door number 3...where all the cool kids hang out. Sometimes we listen to music that has been played on a radio station higher than 89.9 FM.

  4. I'm probably just a snob. Or a wanna-be hermit. Not sure which is worse. :-)