Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Resolved: Something Seasonal Will Get Done Up in Here

The Rejectionist! Uncontest! Here are my resolutions:

1. I resolve to actually put something on the tree. Lights AND ornaments. It's up in the living room and mocking me in its naked state. The kids have concluded that the boxes of ornaments are actually kitty toys since they have been on the floor for two days and still show no inclination of migrating toward the tree.

2. I resolve to take the tree down before New Year's Valentine's Day.

3. I resolve to complete the annual family slide show that we watch on Christmas Eve. Oh, and the slide shows that I didn't get done last year or the year before.

4. I resolve to get my poor little boy scout's badges attached to his uniform. Since I have had both for three months.

5. I resolve to apply the super ideas to improve my MS to my MS.

And in the actual self-improvement instead of get caught up category:

6. I resolve to do one randomly nice thing each day. Take someone else's grocery cart back to the store, pay for the next person's coffee, something. Smiling at someone who is rude to me totally counts.


  1. Oooh, does taking down the person who was rude to you so he won't even think of being rude to anyone else count? I say knowing I wouldn't ever be able to do it and with the full recognition that the most rude people get from me is a confused 'are you broken' look, but husband has been having some issues with rude people at work and I've had the occasional moment of trying to figure out how I as home-mommy might be able to help -- you know, short of tying my mad on and disemboweling them which would almost surely be less pleasant in person than it is in my imagination. Good luck with your work in progress.

  2. @ ClothDragon: Yes, I believe that counts under the "services to community" clause.

  3. See, personally, I think one can take down rude people with a smile. It's all in the precise mix of teeth exposure and narrowed eyes. . .

    If you could make homing ornaments that zipped onto the tree from their boxes (and vice versa), you would make a mint!

    Good luck!

  4. @ Sarah W: GENIUS! Of course, they sort of already have that with the predone trees now. I know people who store them decorated and just roll them out of the basement every year. But noooooooo. Not me. Nope. Gotta do the real tree thing. I torture myself clinging to tradition...

    Oh, well. The kids love it. And the cat is plotting against the tree even as we speak.

  5. THE REJECTIONIST SALUTES YOU DEAR LADY from her caffeine-less haze of misery!!!!

  6. Thanks for making me feel less like a schmuck for that little book of photos of my nephew playing with blocks that I promised one year to put together right after Christmas, but which I might just be able to give him before he graduates next spring.

    And watch that cat - their cunning knows no bounds.

  7. Went to Home Depot and got a tree - a real one. It is standing in my house emptier than a Little House on the Prairie tree. The ornaments are in the attic and nowhere even close to the tree. I think I will eventually get that tree decorated, but smiling at rude people . . . that is a tough one.

  8. Poor Le R. Although I really can't imagine undertaking such self-flagellation.

    MC: Oh, yeah. Queen of the unfinished project here. Welcome to our court.

    Susan: I made forward progress yesterday. Lights are up. Boo-yah!

  9. I have only one resolution: To begin reading The Rejectionist.

    No way in bloody hell will I give up whiskey. Maybe if someone bought me a really, really, I mean REALLY good tequila. I could give up whiskey until the tequila was gone.

  10. Oh, Pete. You don't know what you're missing. She is hilarity personified.