Friday, October 23, 2009

Caramel Sauce and Babies

He smells like caramel.

I let them have caramel sauce with sliced apples for dessert. She got it in her hair and it clung through bath time. She smelled delicious and had the most adorable, sticky curls for bedtime. I'll deal with it tomorrow.

He looks like an angel when he sleeps. He's beautiful, the visage pregnant mothers the world over dream of while they wait. Hell on wheels awake, but so perfect now when the world is still and dark and he has finally given up the day. The only beauty he lacks in sleep is cornflower blue eyes that reveal every plot and mischief that crosses that hyperkinetic brain.

I wonder if angels really smell like caramel. If they don't, they should.


  1. I love watching my son sleep. He's ten and I still walk into his room to check on him and watch him sleep.

  2. Oh, Sarah, so do I. It's my chocolate.

    I know, Jenna! Fifteen minutes before bedtime I'm ready to kill him but as soon as he falls asleep I get all gooey.

  3. I'm usualy OK with the 15 minutes before they go to sleep, but the 15 minutes after they wake up gets to me. On a school day, it's whining and complaining, on a weekend they are up on their own before they would be on a school day and before my wife and I are willing to get up.

    They are very lucky they are cute.

  4. That really made me smile. :) Our younger daughter is the same way. Hell on wheels awake. Angelic asleep.

  5. Caramel makes you hyper. Just saying...
    Too cute!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, Jason beat me to it. :)

    Just the other night I was wondering when they'll get old enough that I'll stop checking on them before I go to bed. Somehow I think it'll stop only when they go off to college....

  7. Aine: Do you think they would be mad at us if we drive to campus to watch them sleep?

  8. Chris: If you'd met my kids you would realize there is no appreciable difference between level of hyperactivity before or after ingestion of caramel.

    If I could figure out how to harness them we would solve the energy crisis.

  9. That's a very sweet post (pardon the pun.) Thanks, also, for your recent comments on my art. Wanted to let you know that I prefer to price things reasonably, if you're interested in anything.