Saturday, September 11, 2010

To the Dogs

In honor of Chris Eldin's triumphant return to blogworld with
Alpha Bitch Whisperer and per her request, here are photos of our own canine companions. Many, many photos. We're a little funny about our dogs.

This is George. He is a golden/chow mix. Here is Lulu:

Here are some more of Lulu when she was a young whippersnapper. She is a purebred German Wirehaired Pointer, bred for show from field trial champions. The white spot on her body is a major flaw for show. Since I have never shown a dog in my life and have no plans to start, I don't mind it. In fact, I think it is sort of adorable.

The next photos are of the best dog who ever graced God's green Earth. Her name was Mazie and she was my first German Wirehair. When I had my shop in Atlanta, she came to work with me every day. She stayed perfectly still, not moving unless someone came up to her or spoke to her. Then her stump of a tail would wag so hard it shook her whole backside. She wouldn't let anyone in the stockroom unless they were with me but somehow knew the front of the shop was public. She died right before the pirate turned one and we got Lulu three weeks later. I love Lu and George, but Mazie was special. I'd have given her a kidney if she needed it. I miss that damn dog.

And these are just the general chaos that rules our house. If you don't know them, it's hard to keep Mazie and Lu straight so don't bother trying. The yellow lab who shows up in some of the photos is a rescue I foisted on my mom and dad. Her name is Peaches and she is pretty awesome. She reminds me of Mazie with her smarts and stubborn. I found her in the street the same week we got Lu. I thought that boy I married would have an apoplexy when I brought another puppy into the house but the story ended up with a very happy ending. Peaches is the highlight of my parent's life and since Dad has a farm- complete with a pond- she landed in it pretty good.


  1. Cute pics. I have a miniature schnauzer named Leo. He's not the brightest bulb on the tree. We call him Leotard, which is not PC on any level, but I'll be damned if it doesn't fit him.

  2. Oh, Rick. That is so very bad. Probably why it's funny.

  3. Great pix! What a fab family.

    I think we all have a Mazie somewhere in our lives. And if we haven't yet, we should.

  4. I love the pics of them right in as part of the family - it always annoys me when certain unpet-friendly people want me to put my dogs outside when they visit - specially cause I never invited them!! They haven't been back for a while after I pointedly said 'well this is their house - if you don't like it you don't have to visit..'
    yeouch I know but if I have to be nice to their BRATS (and as a genuine child lover I am being very honest here) they can be nice to my furbabies ;p or not visit - *yay*


  5. @ Phoenix: Tkx!

    @ Nicole: Amen from the congregation. My dogs are trained not to jump, not to beg, and generally not be a nuisance. They will sneak onto the couch late at night when no one is looking but if people are over they leave the furniture alone. I would much rather deal with them than most people's kids. The only thing I have any tolerance for is someone who had a bad experience with a dog and might be frightened. That's not something they can help and under those circumstances, the dogs go out.

    The other thing that makes me nuts is when people have a baby and get rid of the dog. What? I understand if the dog is aggressive towards the child but otherwise, no way. So many people told me when we were expecting that I would bring that baby home and kick the dogs out of the house. I kept quiet about it, but in my head my estimation of those people plummeted. Dogs are all about family and in our house part of the family. I would no more consider getting rid of my dog when I brought home my baby than I would getting rid of my child when I brought home my second baby.

  6. Love this! Makes me sad I don't have a dog right now. But someday...

  7. Hey, fellow bookaholic.

    I love what you wrote on my post today.

    And I love these pictures! (More, please...)

    In catching up, I read the previous post. I can't stand it, either, that such horrendously tragic things happen down here. I will keep your brave and wonderful friend in my prayers. I am glad that she has you and your mom in her life.

  8. Tkx, Kim! And Lydia...get a dog! :)

  9. Sooooooo Cute! Especially the pix of the dogs and kid in the door. Love those pooches!