Tuesday, June 15, 2010

People Who Are Cool

Elton John played Rush Limbaugh's wedding.

He was totally cool about it, too. I love this attitude from him. While Mr. Limbaugh has never come out anti-gay, as in gay people should not exist or be free to be gay, he is anti-gay marriage. Elton John is most definitely pro gay marriage and for obvious reasons affected by the issue.

I know he got paid to perform but he could have booked another gig.

To play music at someone's wedding when that someone doesn't think you have the right to a legal marriage is extremely generous.

*I got to stand next to Elton John at the bar of a restaurant in Atlanta once. I was too chicken to say anything so I just pretended I didn't notice him. Standing one foot away. I'm such a dork.

** This post is an observation on one person's character, not a launchpad for political discussion on this issue. Whatever you think, half the country is firmly in the trenches with you. Half the country is adamantly opposed to you. Nobody's making a move to change anyone else's mind. Except maybe Sir Elton and he did it with a soft blow. SOOOoooo, if this triggers a need for venting personal feelings of the "gay marriage attacks the institution of marriage" variety send me an email personally or find a politics blog to yell on. If you post it here, I'll delete it in the interest of keeping things relatively warm and fuzzy. Same applies if you want to bash on Mr. Limbaugh.


  1. I know, right? Definitely from the "things you never thought would happen" file.

    If you read the article Elton John comes off as an extremely class act. And I think he's right in his philosophy. If the Limbaughs do have dinner with Elton John and his long term partner, get to know them better, it makes it a lot more difficult to argue that what they have is not a marriage. IMHO.

  2. Good on you Elton - best way to prove who's the bigger man *grin*

  3. @ Nicole: Definitely a Ghandi moment, there. I really cannot tell you how impressed I am with Elton right this minute.

    Seeing another person for just being a person, even if you don't agree with them or have cause to feel persecuted...that is a gift. And something to aspire to.

  4. I bet you made Elton John's night by not gushing over him at the bar. I have no clue what it's like to be a celebrity, but I have to imagine that a brief bit of anonymity is refreshing.

    You could totally go up to him sometime and be like, "Hey Elton, remember me?" and he would be all "Oh yeah, you're the one who ignored me at the bar..."

  5. Not sure I would have liked Elton personally in his sassy days. Now, he strikes me as an elder statesman.

    Was he dressed inconspicuously? Or were the huge, white glasses a giveaway?

  6. @ Rick: I bet you're right. I never can figure out what's appropriate. Leave them alone altogether or a short compliment like, "I admire your work." Since rubbing elbows with someone famous is about the only situation where I get nervous I just pretend we're both invisible.

    @ Jason: Oh, that would have been suh-weeeet! Elton John playing Rush Limbaugh's wedding in a Donald Duck costume.

  7. My wife and I had lunch at the Nieman Marcus cafe in the Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas once. It was 105 degrees, so we ate inside. The cafe had a deck overlooking the Strip and, across the street, the twin Wynn and Encore hotels. In walked a kinda ugly looking guy with glasses and a big coat, with a couple other people. Maybe a teenage girl and a young guy and someone else. My back was to the door, and I didn't pay much attention.

    My wife swears the ugly looking guy in the glasses and big coat was Elton John, and that the ragtag group with him was his "entourage." They ate outside. I swore my wife was nuts. Heat stroke, maybe.

    I checked later. Turns out Elton John was in the middle of a week appearance at the Wynn. Coulda been him, I spose. Wish I'd paid more attention.

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  9. i didn't hear about that - glad you informed me.

    i do remember when he performed on an awards show with (the derogatory epithet spewing) emenem. it was portayed as a big deal.

    i just love that when it's about the music, he's about the music. and when he has an opportunity to use it to make a stand against a particular person / ideology, he uses it to build a bridge.

    can you imagine what our country would be like if we could maintian our political / religious differences without letting them divide us to the point we can't get along? pipe dreaming, i know. but glad people like ej are willing to step up and show it's possible.