Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Observations from Salt Lake City

Two thirds of the tightest high school trio ever united over the weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. My friend Jen and I haven't seen each other since my wedding nine years ago and I have never met her children so we had some catching up to do. During my visit I got to:

See Salt Lake City, which I've never done. It's gorgeous.

Shock a table full of Mormons by ordering (and consuming) two large carafes of hot sake. Fortunately, Mormons are more polite than teetotaling Baptists and refrained from praying for me on the spot.

Watch Alabama beat LSU.

Read a great book (Soulless by Gail Carriger. Go get it. Right now. I paid for my copy, FTC.).

Make chicken and dumplings at high altitude. It actually does make a difference. Who knew?

Observe the largest selection of licorice I have ever encountered. Apparently, licorice is big with the Mormons. Of equal interest to me was that the licorice was all manufactured by the Amish.

Count bicycles. There are lots.

Hang out with Jen, one of the coolest people on the planet, and remind her that her soon to be ex made a classic mistake. He married a chick way cooler than he is.

Regretably, I did NOT get to do thing I wanted to do most. Make the ex's ears bleed. Jen prudently neglected to tell me when he stopped by the house to pick up the kids. My only other opportunity would have been when he dropped them off. Of course I wouldn't have reamed him in front of his kids but I could have cornered him at the curb while they were safely in the house.

**The series of events that promted my visit is catalogued here.


  1. SLC is a beautiful city. Very clean, and even the bums are polite (yes, they do have a couple bums, I encountered one at a McDonald's once). They also have a very attractive population. I noticed this through several business trips there. Wholesome bunch, the LDS (Latter Day Saints).

    Downsides- paying $5 to join a "club" in order to get a drink; metered pours of scotch; very few Starbucks because LDS don't do caffeine, either.

  2. Maybe that's why my dinner companions did not object to my alcohol consumption. They were all drinking Coca-cola.

  3. Wow. I didn't know about the Mormom-Amish distribution network. I wonder if it extends beyond licorice.

  4. Intelligent disagreement + scandalizing sake consumption=cool kid in our book any day of the week.

  5. Jason: I know, right? It's like their very own prohibition style distribution network, except John Denver wholesome.

    Rejectionist: *blush* I feel like I just got a one day pass to the cheerleader's table. My sake consumption is usually much more scandalizing and much less moderate but between the company and the altitude I erred on the side of caution, something I rarely do when sake is involved.

  6. Oh geez! NO ONE is more surprised than us by the level of our blog traffic, please believe us, but if smart thoughtful people like yourself keep coming by, we are clearly doing something right.

    Moderation should never be exercised with sake! Although altitude can be an important contributing factor.

  7. Erm, the blog traffic would be due to the high level of hilarity. Janet Reid is 20% as funny as you. (I laugh out loud about every fifth post of hers. Yours is each and every one.)

    Regarding my error with moderation: I am attempting to rectify my mistake tonight. With vodka. The kids are slowing me down.

  8. Except for the LSU/Bama loss, sounds wonderful.

    I'm gonna have to come back to find out the rest of the story.

  9. Hi, Angie! Thanks for stopping in. We have lots of Bengal Tigers in my family so when they play anyone else I root for LSU.

    The rest of the story is here.

    Sorry...poor blog etiquette assuming too much knowledge on the part of the reader!

  10. Sounds like a great time was had by all!